Business Registration

We process all registration in all agencies applicable
to your business. We have a TEAM of reliable individuals
working hand in hand with you, keeping you updated
at all stages of the process. 

SEC Registration

Checking and reserving company name
Preparing all registration forms
Preparing your company Articles of Incorporation and By laws

DTI Registration

DTI Name Reservation
Preparing all registration forms

SEC Registration Package

Php. 35,000.00

DTI Registration Package

Php. 15,000.00 

Government Agencies Involve in the package:

Agency 1 : SEC or DTI Office

Agency 2 :  Office of the Local Government Unit

Agency 3 :  Bureau of Internal Revenue

Agency 4 : Social Security System

Agency 5 : Home Development Mutual Fund

Agency 6 : Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

Corporate Secretary

Php. 30,000.00 / year

Appointment of Director / Corporate Secretary / Auditor
Resignation of Director/ Corporate 

Nominee Director

Php. 60,000.00 / year

Nominee director registration with annual renewal
3-month and 6 month terms available for temporary nominee directorship

Note : the nominee directorship is associated with high liability and service the terms of use include:

  • Take up of our all-inclusive Corporate Secretary package
  • Take up of either one of our accounting packages or else providing a refundable Php. 50,000 security deposit.

Registered Address

Php. 18,000.00 / year

An address in Cebu and Davao, Philippines to be used in your Incorporation with SEC. 
Paperless mail forwarding - all mail to scanned and forwarded for your review

Increase in Capital Stock

We process Increase in authorized capital stock or increase in paid up capital.

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Change of Corporate Address

We process change of corporate address from city to the other city.

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Change of Stockholder

Change of Stockholder and its equivalent shares. 

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A foreign branch office is an organized corporation that is registered in the Philippines under existing foreign laws. A branch office should carry out the business activities of its parent company, and is authorized to earn income from its operations inside and outside the Philippines. Its main purpose is to provide marketing, sales, or customer assistance to new and existing customers of its parent corporation. It may also be used to distribute products, disseminate information, or merely establish the presence of its parent company within the Philippines.

A Representative Office in the Philippines is a business structure that acts as a local liaison office for a foreign corporation that seeks to establish a corporate presence in the country without engaging in income-generating activities. 

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