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Ayala Cebu City

Location: Ayala Cebu City
F.A: 105 sq.m (6th Floor)
Rate: 470php/sq.m (exclusive of VAT & Taxes)
Management Dues: 75php/sq.m (exclusive of VAT & Tax)
Lease Contract:  3 years
S.D: 3 months
A.D: 3 months
Water & Electric: Submeter
Parking: Car 2,500/month + VAT Taxes
             Motorcycle 500 month + VAT & Tax
A/C: Consumption/ sq.m
Office Hour Only: 7:30 AM- 5 PM (Monday -Friday)
Cut-Off A/C  After 5pm (Centralized System)
Holidays No A/C policies
No Cr

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