BUSINESS Tips on Working Remotely

Here are some of the tips we share with you on how to work remotely or work from home:

1. Daily Communication from the Team leaders

Daily team meeting helps everyone on the same page. You may use a Loom video or Zoom conference whatever fits your business. A typical agenda may as follows:

2. Regular update every 2 hours

When in remote work or Work from home, team members should regularly update TL / owners at least every 2 hours to maintain proper communication and collaboration.

3. Understand each team member on this new way of working

Most of the staff are not used to working from home. They may feel a lot of pressure working from home than in the office set-up especially if all family members are around. Make sure you let them know that you care and understand the situation they have. 

4. Remember your clients are important

Now is the time to strengthen relationships with clients. They need you now more than ever to help them get through these bad times. You can communicate using Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp, make everything closer.

5. Think of managing Client using  Help Desk 

The advantage of managing clients is to provide to submit queries to your business and allowing team members to respond immediately to the inquiry. 

The recommended app for client management is HelpScoutZenDesk and Intercom.

6. Check your Cyber Security

Work from homes means exposure to non- standardized IT system. We recommend you to check and review your cybersecurity.

In these tough times working remotely should NOT be that difficult. Communication, technology, and people make everything much easier.