Value Added Tax Updates

Removed transactions subject to 0% VAT

SEC.4.1-6-5, RR 13-2018 __________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. Removed Foreign Currency Denominated Sales and Sale of Gold to BSP from the coverage of the term "export sales" ;

2. Removed transactions in SEC 106 subsections

2.1. The sale of raw material/ packaging materials to a non-resident buyer for delivery to a resident local export-oriented enterprise

2.2. The sale of raw materials or packaging materials ta an export-oreinted enterprise whose export sales exceed 70% of total annaul production. 

2.3. Export sales under EO No. 22 (Omnibus Inv. Code of 1987 and other spcial laws

3. Removed transactions in Sec 108 Subsections

(b)(1) business outside the Philippines, which processing, manufacturing or repacking goods for other persons doing good are subsequently exported. 

(b)(5) Services performed by subscontractors and/or contractors in processing, converting, or manufacturing goods for an enterprise whose export sales exceed 70% of the total annual production;

Conditions for the 0% to 12% Change SEC 4.112-1 RR 13-2018

Conditions :

1. The succesful establishement and implementation of an Enhanced VAT Refund System (VRS)

2. The commissioner of Internal Revenue shall grant refund for creditable input taxes within ninety (90) days from the date of submission of the ooficial receipts or invoice and other documents in support of the application filed in accordance with RR 13-2018.

90 Days Period of VAT Refund RR 26-2018