Clearing the air on cloud computing

I often have clients ask me what the ‘cloud’ is so I thought I’d share some information. Once you boil it down, the cloud is surprisingly simple – and can be hugely beneficial.

The cloud is where you can put all your data, your files and even your accounting software so that you can access it all from any computer or device, anywhere, at any time. It opens the door to new, more efficient ways of banking, communicating and working by taking it all online.

There are a few myths about the cloud, especially when it comes to cost and control, but the reality is quite different:

Xero has put together a really good guide to the cloud and how it can free up your time and money.

If you’d like to discuss the cloud’s specific benefits to your business, including how cloud-based Xero can make accounting so much easier, please get in touch.

We’re a Xero-certified partner so can help you make the move easily.

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