How to start a business

If you’re motivated to start a brand new business or want to make sure your existing business is running as well as it can, I’d like to help.

You’ll want to establish some goals and ground rules from the beginning so you can track how you’re proceeding. As a first step, here are some important things to think about and questions to answer:

What does success look like for you? Firstly you’ll want to define your purpose – is it to solve a problem, be your own boss, make money? Whatever it is, write it down and refer to it often. And once you understand what success is, measure your progress towards it. Put trackable measures in place.

What will set you apart? Get clear on what makes you different to your competition. Knowing your strengths will help you stand out and keep you on track to achieve your business goals.

What are your business values? Your values are the things you will and won’t do. They could be about your commitment to customer service, how much debt you’re willing to take on, or the environmental or social goals you have for your business. Again, you should keep a record of these values so you can see how well you’re meeting them.

You’ll find more useful information and advice in Xero’s guide to starting a business, including the important ‘how to find your why’.


I’d be happy to discuss your business goals and how to make anything mentioned above a reality. Contact me and let’s talk things through.

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